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Trans@Iowa is a resource website for trans students, communities, and their allies. At the University of Iowa, we embrace our responsibility to create a welcoming environment for all members of our community. This commitment includes all of our students, staff, and faculty as they pursue their goals here at Iowa. The purpose of this website is to identify services and resources to support trans and non-binary individuals at the University of Iowa.

A Message to the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Communities


As the 2020 election quickly arrives and post-election time begins, for people who are Trans, Gender Non-Binary, and/or Gender Non-Conforming there can be highly specific impacts, such as: voter ID challenges, fears of voter intimidation tactics, sheer exhaustion and trauma from constantly navigating invalidating social and political systems, and so on. Data from The Potential Impact of Voter Identification Laws on Transgender Voters: 2020 General Election by the UCLA School of Law, shows that 42% of voting-eligible transgender people in 45 states have no ID documents that reflect their correct name and/or gender. And according to the Trevor Project, 86% of LGBTQ people said the recent politics have negatively impacted their feelings of wellbeing. The impact and what you are feeling are real!


To help acknowledge you and the impact of election day and post-election time, here are some resources for you to inform yourself and others about such matters as your voting rights as someone who is Trans, Gender Non-Binary, and/or Gender Non-Conforming; some self-care tips for your to help manage election and politically related stressors; and some approaches to take for those difficult conversations we constantly find ourselves having to have with others.


And finally: VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!


Election Resources:

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A Message to the Trans/Non-binary Communities We Serve during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The University of Iowa continues to be here for you.  Almost all campus resources continue to offer services just as they have, though most will now temporarily be done through tele-communication.  The University is still here for you to assist as needed.

A few things to consider during the Covid Pandemic:

  1. The presence of stigma and discrimination, in the health care setting, can lead transgender/non-binary people to feel reluctant to get help especially at a time when many may need more help than even before!
  2. The changing economic context many are facing, such as loss of access to health care, lack of insurance, and so on, can leave transgender/non-binary people less likely to seek medical care early and preventively.
  3. The temporary ending of on-campus life may mean you have had to move home from campus, if you are a student, and this could mean that you have had to hide your gender identity and expression and perhaps even suspend seeking supportive counseling and medical transition services.


If any or all of these are part of your current situation, please continue to reach out to your campus resources for advice, continued service, support, and guidance to resources on and off campus. We can help get through this together!

Resource Reminders: 

Trans @ Iowa Community Support

University of Iowa Online Wellness Resources During COVID-19

The COVID-19 Guide | National Center for Transgender Equality

Basic Needs @ Iowa

Student Emergency Fund and Trans Student Support Fund

University Counseling Service

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