University Housing and Dining (UHD) is committed to providing a welcoming environment for all students, regardless of sex or gender identity and expression.  UHD recognizes that not all students may identify as female or male. UHD wants to create an opportunity for those who may identify as transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, and/or non-binary to live in the halls and participate in our living learning communities. All residents are eligible to participate in gender-inclusive housing, which is available campus wide. 

Most students live in double or triple rooms with a bathroom down the hall, though there are a limited number of single and suite-style rooms (with private or semi-private bathrooms) available too. The housing website lists each residence hall and its amenities. On this site, students can sort the residence halls by location, furnishings, amenities, bathroom type and more. Single-user bathrooms are designed so that each floor has several individual, lockable rooms that have their own toilets, sinks, and showers. Community style bathrooms are a larger restroom on single-gendered floors. These restrooms accommodate approximately 16-20 students at a time. As you enter the restroom, you will see a line of sinks, a row of stalls with latching doors (for toilets), and a separate row of stalls for showers offering plenty of privacy.  

All students living on campus can apply to join Living-Learning Communities (LLCs), which are a great way to make friends and connect with the campus community. UI has several unique LLCs, encompassing a wide variety of options. The All In LLC explores and celebrates LGBTQ+ culture and identity and was founded by LGBTQ+ students. Visit the All In LLC website to learn more about the community. This community will be located on a floor with single-user bathrooms. If living in this community interests you, you can apply through the housing application. Students will be notified of their acceptance into the community prior to room selection and contracts.

How to navigate the UI on-campus housing application as a trans student: 

  1. Log in to MyUI with your HawkID and password. 
  2. On the main page under ‘Student Involvement and Support’ select ‘Housing Application’ to access the online application. 
  3. A new page will open asking for your HawkID and password to be entered and then you will be directed to a page titled ‘University Housing and Dining’. Click ‘Application’ in the black bar across the top. 
  4. Select the term for which you are applying – Academic Year, Spring, or Summer. 
  5. Complete the housing application steps including providing emergency contact information, answering the lifestyle questionnaire (for roommate matching), applying to a Living Learning Community if you desire, agreeing to the terms & conditions, paying the $75.00 fee*, and submitting your application. *Students with financial need may have this fee deferred until the August 1 U-bill to pay utilizing financial aid. Contact our housing team for support: 
  6. If you are interested in living in gender-inclusive housing, make sure to toggle ‘Yes’ on the final question of the Lifestyle Questions page. If toggled ‘Yes’ an email will be sent with additional information. 
  7. For academic year applicants: If you select ‘Yes” for Gender Inclusive Housing, you will be able to search for and pair with other students that have also opted into Gender Inclusive Housing. You are not required to match with a roommate, but strongly encourage students to utilize the roommate matching process to find 1-2 roommates they feel would be a good fit. For spring- or summer-only applicants: Roommate matching is not available for these applications. If you have a roommate in mind, please contact University Housing and Dining to discuss this further. 
  8. As always, if you have any questions or need support with your application or housing options, please contact University Housing and Dining at 319-335-3000 or