This section includes information and educational resources about transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) identities, common barriers, and inclusive practices. It includes tools for faculty, staff, students, and community members to better understand the multi-faceted TGNC community, how to be an ally and advocate for trans people, and ways to intervene as a bystander when you witness transphobic behavior. 

Note: The Trans Inclusivity Coalition at the University of Iowa acknowledges that some of these resources and the language used within may be outdated. We recognize that there is no single consensus within the TGNC community about many topics related to identity. Our hope is to provide a range of resources that are ultimately educational and helpful, even if there is variation between them. We are working to provide the most updated resources and materials on a periodic basis. To make suggestions of other resources and/or updates needed to the existing content of this website, please send an email to with your recommendations.

Identity Terminology

This section defines terms such as sex, gender, and pronouns of reference, as well as specific terms under those categories.

Gender-Inclusive Pronouns

This section provides information on what pronouns are, different sets of pronouns, and an opportunity to practice using pronouns you may not be familiar with.

Creating Supportive Environments

This section provides information on how you can create a supportive environment for trans people in the workplace and in healthcare settings.


This section provides further information on how to support trans people and practice bystander intervention in harmful situations

Research and Guiding Documents

This section includes research and guiding documents for a deeper dive into trans identities and issues.


This section provides a list of books focusing on trans identities and issues.