How to change standard/legal name in UI records:

The University of Iowa tracks multiple names for each student. The ones that most directly impact the student are official name, standard name, and preferred name: 

  • A student’s standard name is created when they turn in an application for admission. If it is their very first application, that in turn creates the official student name. The standard name is used by Payroll and should match the person’s social security name for tax purposes.
  • Official student name is currently used on transcripts, verifications, diplomas, and commencement bulletins. Students can see what their official name is on MyUI under Student Life Management on the Student Records tab.
  • Preferred name (a new addition in Fall 2016) is displayed to a student's advisor and on class lists viewed by professors and TAs. 

Without a legal name change, a student cannot change their official name. They can, however, change standard and preferred name. A change in standard name does not require documentation. However, since it is used by Payroll, a changed standard name may revert to the individual's social security name every time FAFSA is processed.

How to change standard name:

  1. Former and current University of Iowa students may change their Official Student name by completing the Name Change Form and submitting to the Office of the Registrar. Changing the Official Student name requires supporting documentation along with the form. Changing the Standard name does not require supporting documentation but is still done through the Office of the Registrar. 
  2. After acquiring the name change, you can take your paperwork over to 2700 UCC to attain a new IowaOne ID card.
  3. You can then take your paperwork over to ITS at 2800 UCC to request an updated email address and IM address.


Trans Student Support Fund

This fund supports trans and gender non-conforming University of Iowa students pursuing legal name and document changes, but have limited financial means to complete the process. For example, this fund could go towards legal fees or issuing a new IowaOne card. For more information visit the Student Support Initiatives website